"Mantis Tech" is a creative and innovation driven entity. It is lead by resourceful and inventive professionals, proficient in both MS and Open source standards.

Addressing the requirements of segments such as;  enterprise level systems, e-commerce, finance, gaming, fashion, portals, community sites, museums, institutions and more. Mantis Tech has confronted challenges and has offered solutions which only later became industry standards.

Mantis Gladiator

Our flag ship CMS; The Mantis Gladiator is now in its 3.5 version. It is a powerful and flexible platform, rich with features yet it is extremely friendly and easy to master. It is designed to address the specific needs of any project, making it efficient and solid. The Gladiator is successfully installed for dozens of our clients sites, for each it addresses unique requirements and meets specific conditions.

Key features include:

  •  Drag and drop interface.
  •  Multi-lingual and multi-site capabilities.
  •  Version control per object.
  •  Rich role and permission management capabilities.
  •  Powerful SEO features and tools.